Bread Sticks

While mine are rising right now, I thought I would post this awesome recipe. It's not mine, as recipes usually aren't. But these are really easy, and So delicioso!

Bread Sticks

1 1/2 cups of warm water
3 cups flour (about)
1 T yeast
1/2 tsp salt
2 T sugar

In bowl mix warm water and yeast. Make sure yeast is good by letting it sit for a couple minutes and rise. Add sugar and salt. Start mixing and add flour till it is smooth and elastic. Let rise for 10 minutes in the bowl. Melt 1 cube of butter and pour in edged cookie sheet. Roll dough out in rectangle about the same size as the cookie sheet. Cut in 1"x4" strips using a pizza cutter. Roll in the butter, and then place back on cookie sheet. Sprinkle with your favorite toppings such as: garlic salt, parmesan, parsley flakes, italian seasonings, seasoning salts. Let rise for 15-20 minutes more on the pan and then bake at 350 deg for about 20 minutes. Until the edges are just starting to turn  a beautiful golden brown.

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  1. I LOVE these. I make them all the time....for guests, with soup or pasta, chili. Ashlee makes these so nice and fluffy. They are the best.


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